[Poem] Yes You Are


Yes You Are


Did you know when I’m in my deep slumber

I always wonder when you will come to wake me up

Did you know when I’m awake

I always wonder why you didn’t there beside me

Did you know why I keeping asking this countless time

That’s because I always wonder do you love me as much as I have been loving you all this time

Answer me

Just say yes

Just say that you know it all along

So I will know that you love me like I did

Or not….?

You do, don’t you ?

Say yes

Love me just like you used to

Before you ruin my love that I keeping for you all this time

Do you know how much I love you?

Because I wonder if you know it

Do you know how I felt all this time?

Because I wonder if you changed

You don’t love me anymore, do you?

Answer me

Just say that you do

Just said that you already have another one

So I will disseapear from your life

Yes, you are, aren’t you?

Say that you do

You can’t love me like before, can you?

It seems that you do


You do…

You do forget about me

And found another love

You do… betray my love

Yes, you do…..


[Poem] Simple Questions


Simple Questions

Did you know why angel and devil hate each other?

Why they hate each other,

if they just hurt themself

Why the devil should againt the God,

if they just receive punishment

The SAME questions goes to you, my friend …