[FF] Peek-A-Boo, I Find You

ff1Title   : Peek-A-Boo, I Find You

Author: Park Yoora

Genre: Angst, romance

Rating: PG 17+

Cast   : Choi Gaeul (OC)

Kim Joonmyeon/ Suho

Park Soora (OC)

There is no plagiarizing in this story! If by any chance, you found this story familiar or similar to other FFs you have read, It is just simply coincidental!

Sadly I don’t own any characters here. -_- *sigh*

Sorry if there is any grammatical mistake and sorry if you find that this story not interesting *bow*

Thank you. >_<

Author P.O.V.

The only things that Gaeul heard were a dripping sound of water that fell from the sky on the ground together with her heart beating furiously inside her chest and a stepping noise from his feet. It ripped her ears apart. She wondered why, it just a mere step but it sent a chill down her spine. It was totally different kind of feeling from the moment when she played hide-and-seek on children time with some of her friends and…. Kim Joon Myeon or known as Suho. She remembered that Suho was the only one who knew her hiding place since she never used another hiding place. They played that game there when they were child. But now, it was different kind of feeling. She hoped that Suho would find her sooner. She was totally scared to death. How she hoped that she didn’t argue with him before, so she wouldn’t stuck in this abandoned house which used to a place to hide when they played hide-and-seek. To make it worse, there was someone inside that house. Someone that was not suppose to be there. Another cracked of step from his feet on the wooden floor startled her from her though.  She could hear his laugh and the sound of metal clearly on the surface of the wall. She was strongly clutching her two hands. She became more frustrated than before.

This evening was supposed to be perfect. She supposed to have a date with her childhood friend, best friend, and her boyfriend, Suho. But she just ruined everything. She thought that Suho was cheating on her when she saw Suho with his ex-girlfriend, Park Soora. She made a conclusion that Suho dating his ex again and cheating on her back even though she knew that Suho would never do that. With cloudy mind, she approached them. He gasped. He surprised to see her there because it was not suppose to be their meeting place, they were suppose to meet at the park near her house. She blurted everything out about random things and she burst out in tears, she buried her face on her palms, didn’t want to let Suho saw her ugly crying face. She felt like a thousand knifes were piercing at her heart and so Suho.  When he wanted to explain it to her, she ran away with tears in her eyes, not looking back. He tried to call her again but Soora interrupted him and she was holding Suho’s hand so he couldn’t run after her. Yes, Soora was his ex girlfriend and she wanted to be his girlfriend again even though she was the one who broke his heart by cheating on him. But Suho really loved Gaeul not Soora. He already moved on from Soora and realized that Gaeul was the one for him. Just from the thought of leaving her, it was already making his heart ache. He would always love her until the end, until the time when he had his last breath. Just seeing her tears made him want to hug her and whispered some words in her ear about how much he loved her. He turned around to see his ex. He looked straight at her with his piercing black eyes.

“Look. It’s true that I loved you. Loved not Love, okay? It was on the past. You are my past but Gaeul… She is my present and my future. I love my childhood friend who also my best friend. She always there for me, not like you. I love her, not you. It’s all that I you need to know,” he said before start to walk away and leaving her dumbfounded.

When he started to run after her, the rain started to pour heavily. He drenched from head to toe. He was worried over her. What if she was in an accident? What if someone kidnapped her? What if something bad happened to her? He remembered about the news from this morning. There was a serial killer going around the city. He was a cold-blooded psycho who became a serial murderer of many girls in this country. It seemed that he could avoid the police who tried to catch him. He became more worry than before.

“Where are you, Gaeul?” said Suho.  He stopped.

He thought for a second. He thought that he knew where she was.

“Gaeul, please be safe. I will find you for sure. Just wait for me,” said him and started to run to his destination.

Meanwhile, back to Gaeul’s hidden place in the abandoned house. She shivered due to the thin dress she wore for the date.  And her legs felt hurt because she was running with a pair of high heels on her feet.

“Stupid dress, stupid high heeled shoes. I would never use you again,” murmured Gaeul under her breath. To make it worse her stomach grumbled due the panic.

“Shush! Just shut up,” murmured her to her own stomach while holding it.

Brakk!! She flinched. There was a kicking sound of the door that forcefully opened. But luckily it seemed that it was not from the room that she was hiding.

“I know that you’re here inside this house,yeobo,” said him. “You can’t hide forever from me. I just want to carve my name in your heart with this beautiful knife, honey. So, everyone will know that you are mine alone,” laughed him again.

“Yuck! Yeobo?! What in the world he is talking about?!! Carve my heart with what? He is really insane!” shouted her in her mind while clutching her hand even more.

Suddenly there was a thud sound as if someone was being hit with something hard. She could hear the man yelped in pain. And it seemed that the hit was not going anytime soon because she still could hear clearly the hitting sound and the scream from that man. She wondered who that person was. It seemed that it was a boy from the sound of hard thing that hitting the man. She became more terrified than before when she heard nothing coming from his mouth. She clutched her hands even more until bleeding. She started to sob even harder than before. She didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care if she must die at that time. She just wanted Suho to be there for her, hugging her, wiped her tears away with his thumbs and told her that everything would be alright.

“Gaeul?” said someone suddenly.

She flinched due to the sound calling her name. She recognized that voice.

“I know that you are there, under the sink. I know that you always hide there. Just come out. Everything already alright,” said that boy.

That’s it! She opened the small door under the sink where she hid. He finally found her. But when she looked at his direction, she gasped. She knelt down on the ground as tears kept coming out. That was right; it was Suho, her boyfriend. But something seemed different and whatever it was, she didn’t want to know it. Suho approached her. He knelt down in front of her. At first she flinched when Suho’s hand started to brush her skin. He sighed.

“Look at me, Gaeul. Are you scared of me now?” he said with full of sadness.

Gaeul just sobbing quietly and shook her head. She eventually looked at her boyfriend eyes. There is a faint of sadness on his eyes.

“Peek- a -boo! Didn’t I said that I coul find you easily, Gaeul?” he said out of sudden.

She hit his arms with her shaking hands. He let his girlfriend hit him repeatedly until she satisfied. Suho held her in his arms as tears ran down her face. She stopped hitting him on his arms and cried out loud. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs. She buried her face on his chest and sobbed, the tears were uncontrollable. Suho closed his eyes and hugged her tightly

“Everything will be alright,” whispered him in her ear.

Gaeul could hear the sadness from Suho’s voice and she returned his hug when she saw his tears tried to escape from the corner of his eyes. Suho bit his lips and started sobbing quietly. It was not like him to cry but the faint of hurting someone really hurting him. She patted Suho’s back. It was her turn to comfort him.

“Shush, Suho, it’s alright. Everything will be alright,” she tried to assure him.

They didn’t want to part from each other. The sobs filled the whole room.

Not so far from the room they were in, there was a body lying lifeless on the wooden floor. Yeah. That man died. Gaeul could smell Suho’s white t-shirt drenched but not because of the rain, it was from his sweat and that man’s bloods.

“Peek- a- boo. Everything will be alright.”

I’m sure that they would never forget that bloody night. It will crave in their memory. Forever. . . . .


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